Guardian Raids HP?

Hi there.

So Guardian Raids seem so difficult for me. Not because of the mechanics but because it takes longer than … expected.
So I went back to my noob accounts in RU and KR and made some comparisons.

Is it just me or, our version of guardian raids have way more HP than other versions?

Because I could solo in KR/RU the t1/t2 guardians waaaay faster than here. We are talking about like 4 minutes faster in some cases…

Did u guys also notice this?


In our version they have the same or less HP

Pls stop answering if you dont know the answer!

Our Version has DOUBLE HP for Guardians.


Are you sure because I killed T2 Nacrasena 4 mins faster in KR. Same class, same IP.

:rofl: If its in CAPS it must be true

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I am asking again do you know of any official statement on this? Because I actually took the time to test it both on KR and RU.

Just rumors tbh, some said yes some said no. Others just don’t care, so sorry I can’t be of help

There been a testing between 2 client already its said that both have same amount of HP so theres no extra HP in our version

ffs pls stop trolling ppl.
caps was just so ppl see the real information in one sec and dont bother reading your wrong statement.
After alpha and beta tests ppl in the west said guardians are to easy so we got a “buff” to guardian HP

There was no HP buffs

No theyy don’t that number hhas been thrown around so much and it’s so funny to me because number is not real they never said it… some random streamed blurred it out and now it’s been thrown around like is Jesus’s gospel. chill out you just gotta git gud or get someone to help you out…

the reason why T1-T2 guardian raids on our version is harder to clear because we don’t have mokoko buffs like Korea version which increase our damage dealt and reduce damage taken (if im not wrong about the buffs)

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Mokoko buff o.o ?

Its for new players and it applies in T1-T2 contents thats as far as i’ve heard from Korean streamers says, correct me if im wrong


Testing 1 out of 16 guardians doesn’t mean much. It assumes that there was or was not a universal health buff. They could easily have buffed some guardians health and left the others (with one shot mechanics, like the one tested) untouched.

yee thhe mokoko buff was a game changer when a friend from korea told me about it.