Guardian raids should be once a day and double the rewards

Lost ark is a game designed to have multiple alts and as a casual gamer i have 3-6hr a day i can play. I have 12 alts and doing 24 guardians a day is Ludacris that takes already 1-2hr of my time and an easy fix for this would be one guardian a day and just double the loot dropped.



They would be a lot of fun if they either didn’t have so much health it takes like 10+ minutes; but it would be even better if instead they just only had to be done once.

The rewards are already so low, like a chaos dungeon sometimes gives you more leapstones than the first few raids do; but it takes half the time. It makes no sense why they are so stingy with the raids.

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They should let us stack the daily rewards into a single run.
I don’t know if is possible or not now somehow, but i’ve seen some players looting double orbs, while i always have only 1. What’s going on, how they can do that?

Double orbs is rest bonus for people who have missed days of doing Guardians, you end up with less loot for missing days anyways and they still have the 2 runs.

I already do guardian raids once every 2 days on my main and like once a week on my alt. They just not worth the reward per time investment.

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I agree but I doubt that will ever happen here unless it happens in Korea first. The differences with Leapstones in Guardians vs Chaos Dungeons is that the Guardian ones are tradable and have a larger impact on the economy.

If you feel like you’re spending too much time doing them on alts, then just skip a day or two. 40% rest bonus means you’re still looting 4 out of 6 guardians every 3 days.

That’s why the game should let us stack the daily rewards into 1 single run if we chose so, should be a check box for this when enter the fight like it is for the soul reward. Atm i do it with my main on different guardians while with alts i run the same guardian one 2 times 90% of times, would save us some time, the same with the auto loot rewarded once the guardian is dead to avoid picking it up & avoid forgetting it there.

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There’s no need to play every single character daily.

The Rest System exists for a reason. While you lose a little bit of the total reward, you still get most of it.

Cycle out your alts, Since you have 12, you can rotate them and run Guardians on 4 of them daily. This will mean that you get roughly 2 days worth of rewards despite doing them once every 3 days.

If you don’t want to spend the time doing it on your large roster daily, then don’t.

I have 6 characters at the moment, and I currently run only Chaos Dungeons and Una’s Tasks on them daily. I still cycle Guardians on this size of roster, because it does eat a lot of time.

While I do have the luxury of doing all 6 of their dailies, I choose not to to keep myself from burning out on the game.

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Plus fucking one to this post.

Guardian Raids 100% are way too tedious for twice a day.


They are health sponges- with an uncoordinated group it could take upwards of 10 mins per raid.

They don’t feel fun with some of the mechanics involved. ( Some are absolute Bs)

Their movement patterns are buggy

It feels real bad if you fail, feels like time wasted.

There are other reasons as well, but I’m pretty sure you’ve experienced them.

The event is a pretty good indicator of what they should be as a daily, or at least that’s just me.

What I’m saying is make it so they aren’t extremely tedious.

Rest bonus

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