Guardian raids still op

idk what they nerfed but guardian raids are still op and takes 15 min.i mean with noobs who going with 460 gear to 460 raids they just die from 1shots and all dead in 3 mins then u play 15 min soloing and wasting potions and carry eu west not so much premade grups and in que u wait like 15 min.they should nefr dmg from boses not hp.bcoz what dead player can do?how he can learn somthing if boss 1shots him i mean that turtle boss…he just jumps instant with out any animations and jumps agen and takes off 17k hp on 460 ilvl with 500 ilvl how to learn mechanic if u get 1shot like this?1 u cant do dmg or if u do u get killed instantly.yes if ure ranged class he cant hit u with that jump but with mele like blade or striker or another fighter class.why to not nerf dmg for thes guardian raids or put them highter ilvl to join in.its not normal when every raid u stay solo vs boss and fighting 15 min and making 60+% of dmg.


learn boss tells?

p.s: you can always run back to base and refill potions.

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omg u read what i m saying?

The first guardians are not rly op, cuz u got 460, its not to be meant u need to rush it.
but to fair, the first Bigs I did solo, cuz matchmaking wasnt funny.

Maybe u find a Guild, they always help.

what potions if u die from 1shot?and there are no warnings when he trying to make that jump…u cant predict when he will jump

Save your dodges and run in 1 direction, when you see the ice start cracking and him coming out, dodge out of the way. It’s not that hard.

You don’t have to matchmake guardian raids… The HP scales to how many people are there. If you’re so good and have to carry anyway, just go solo.


Later all the boss will have a one shot attack, prepare yourself with this. Because this turtle is the easy part

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All bosses attacks (even more oneshot ones) have “tells” you are just too noob to see them and too entittled kid to cry in the forum instead .


what ice?its ilvl 460 that turtle from page 2 in guardian raids.he dont have any ice maybe that breath only idk.u cant dodge 3 times in 10 sec.its like he jumps 1x pulls u down to grown and after 5 sec he jumps agen and pulls u down and and agen jumps and you go from 17k to 0

Oh turtle? I don’t have anything to say then. That was one of the easiest fight of that tier if you just learn his attack pattern.

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then creat striker and test it skilled player

Youre finding the turtle hard… oh man. You’re not gonna like whats coming up. Id probably just find a new game.


Today we learned that the people who reply to these threads don’t bother reading

“what ice?its ilvl 460 that turtle from page 2 in guardian raids.”

So … one if not the easiest boss ? wow …


At least you have damage, I did it on a paladin and a bard. You know the support classes?

creat striker with 500 ilvl and do that boss

be fair guys :slight_smile:

Show a Guide, its around 1min to understand it. Ur dash is just important.

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go solo, did that on last t2 guardian as with pug it was been to painfull :slight_smile: