Guardian Raids Suggestion

Can u please add 30-50 golds for every Guardian Raids, because nobody play that. I waiting for one Guardian Raid few hours. I think is it dead content :frowning:

Hello YooMin, since your thread is in English, I’m moving it from the French “Retours et suggestions” section to the “Game Feedback” section.

Try creating a party in “Find Party” section and ask for help, people will help you. Lower levels guardian raids are indeed dead because there are few players doing those.

you are probably doing old guardians like tier 1 ones right? dont worry. after some progress you will find more and more ppl. gold reward is not needed :slight_smile:

I am already Tier 3, but I not killed any Tier 1 and Tier 2 boss [Guardian Raid] becosue nobody play that and Tier 3 Guardian Raids are also dead. Probably the rewards are not interstedting for the people. So for that should be added some gold for the Guardian Raids. I wanted kill all boss, but this is dead content.I wanted kill this bosses normal in the party is it more fun. Is it sad for the new people. I rushed it to Tier 3 but I did mistake. :frowning:

Is it Suggestion not Feedback.

You can solo que for all guardian raids. Being that youre in t3 now it should take a minute or less to jill most of the guardians

you can kill all guardians solo if you want to experience all of them. I tried to join older guardians yesterday and I never waited longer than a minute even in t2.

Then EU West servers are dead, because I waiting few hours and not have any ppl for T2 or T3 Bosses. Ohh so sad. :frowning:

Im gonna be honest if you are new player and you didnt progress that much leave EUW and go to EUC. trust me in long term you will save yourself alot of struggle

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yep. That and nothing else. EUW was a mistake. Even half the EUC servers are kinda dead for local content (islands etc). I regret so much not buying the cheapest pass to start 3 days earlier and start playing on the most populated server of EUC. Even if i had to sacrifice some hours on queue on release. They would pay off by now, since after the first busy weeks, queues were minimal.

Then they should be add hard mode for all Guardian Raids from Tier 1 and TIer 2 1300 GS +.


we already got challenge GRs lol

#254 Lost Ark [Challange/Trial Guardian Raid] Alberhastic, Flame Fox Yoho, Frost Helgaia - YouTube Ohh do u mean this? Yea here are random bosses.