Guardian raids Zzzzz

I’m sick to death a needing flares… Just had to use 5 flares in one match on dark legoros …went solo thinking it’d be quicker but besides this boss being unbelievably boring and irritating in its mechanics and teleporting etc it moves so many times round the map I know if I was higher gear score it would die quicker and less moving but its one big joke that the boss isnt shown …the most useless trash u have to buy to make these dailys run smoother!!!

pheromone bombs work just as well so you dont waste flares you should take a look into it :slight_smile:

Flares are ok, but I’m tired of going in with a full group and being the only person who uses flares 33% of the time (on dark legoros–where 2 of my alts have been sitting for a bit)