Guardian's Curse

I decided to do a Guardian Raid today. I have never set them up by myself so i made a mistake of solo queueing. I figured i couldn’t take Chromanium out by myself so i decided to leave the Raid. I now have a Guardian Curse and cannot queue again. I cant even see how long this curse will last. Seems like an issue that should be fixed or at least show how long you cannot queue for. Any one else make this mistake as well?

prolly 30min , pvp system has a 2 strike rules too that bans u from queue again for 30m

Just had this happen too.
I was in a party for Guardian Soul, we lost, and I thought I could click ‘re-entry’ to queue up again with a new team.
Instead I got put in solo, and same as you thought that there was no reason to even try.
The ‘stop raid’ button didn’t work, so I played my Song of Escape. Got Guardian’s Curse for leaving a solo raid -_-
In my case, I could see it as a debuff above my mana, and it said 10 minutes.