Guardians difficulty is NOT scaled properly

I am a veteran player with many toons over 1445. I’ve spent countless hours doing guardian raids, have talked to many other veterans, and we all have come to this conclusion: guardians difficulty is not scaled properly.

So take Tier 1 guardians for example. Fighting on item level against Nacrasena(the scorpion boss), Frost Helgaia of T2, is extremely difficulty. Now flash forward to T3, fighting on item level vs Igrexion, Yoho night fox, and especially Deskaluda is a walk in the park.

Since a lot of newbies and beginners will be facing the these early guardian with low roster level, and worst of all, low experience, they will get slaughtered. k
Why are you making these guardians soo difficult for their level?

This is anything but newbie friendly. Again, I always advocate for newbies. So here it is. Please look into adjusting the difficulty of guardians for their level and tier accordingly. What you have here does not make sense.

PS: My roster is 180+ and I had a hard time fighting Nacrasena on item level. That boss nearly one shot me with his stinger and I was a paladin, about second-third tankiest class in the game. Good lucky to newbies.

Deskaluda is a disappointment yet there still people try to gatekeeping it :rofl:. 3min vs 5min makes a big difference when someone have a lot of alts huh?