[guide] Card pack is a scam if you don't know what you're doing

Comparing card packs in Mari’s shop

Seems the first one has the best value right?

Odds of getting different rarity cards

Taken from offical website.

Rarity Odds
Any Card Pack
Legendary 0.50%
Epic 9.50%
Rare 40.00%
Uncommon 30.00%
Normal 20.00%
Legendary - Rare Card Pack
Legendary 4.00%
Epic 16.00%
Rare 80.00%

Cost of getting one card in different rarity

Card Pack Legendary Epic Rare
3600 Crystals 189 Crystals 45 Crystals
1000 Crystals 250 Crystals 50 Crystals


For Legendary, buy this:

For Epic, buy this:

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Offcial odds link



I never knew that! thanks so much!


I’ve literally heard that rare is the most common one a few days ago, wanted to look up percentages and forgot.

Amazing guide how to “farm” cards via maris shop.
Since I didn’t look it up yet, I maybe just ask here:
Do all legendary cards have the same chance/ weighting?
Is the chance to get kharmine from a legendary the same as getting thirain?

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In short Yes same weight.
You can reference official odds:


How is the cited source official odds.

Do you know what official means?

Wow do you just come on to attack people without doing any research?

You know they published the odds both in game and online.

But for some reason you felt the need to be a jerk on the internet.

Good job

Don’t have to be mean.
Here’s where you can get your OFFICIAL copy

Not being mean. It’s misleading. If you begin with actual official source or don’t use official the word then have it associated with something else, then there’s no such problem.

When I initially read through I was like “oh? official source on odds? let me click on that” but it leads me to domain that’s not either Amazon or Lost Ark -a third party site that got me worried be like is this a fishing post trying to steal identity and data.

Since you haven’t edit the post, I’d recommend you change the word to “Official Odds Explained In Depth by xxx”

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thank you for the suggestion.

Thank you for the information!

Still expensive, but thanks

Yup, for T3 people should be affordable i think.

Just ran into the “problem” myself (after getting 9 rare and 1 epic from a Legendary - Epic pack for login rewards) and was wondering about the optimal pack. Thanks for this.

Has anyone done similar for other means of purchase? Stronghold vendors, etc.?

great stuff, much appreciated for your effort

There is another one. Any card pack x20 for 220 blue crystals

Hi, i’ll update the item once i saw it in the shop. I seen it before but didnt screen capture it. Then never saw it again…

never bought cards from the shop (maybe never will) but thanks that’s actually helpful !!

I’ve seen it once. It may have shown up more but I noticed that it seemed like a good value. Haven’t seen one since.

can u update this guide because there is new pricing on mari now