Guide for Statue mech on line 155 vykas p3 or g3

Hello, Please see below I have been using this images of pattern for statue mech in case my other party doesn’t know where to ping safe zone on sword mech during the survival at 155 line at vykas p3 or g3.

This pattern and image will help you on where you see statue only, to spot safe zone. I have been using it to get familiar with the pattern, Works quite well.

To explain, purple circle is where the statue spawn and yellow color in purple circle is the safe spot, it can be confusing but if you look at it several times you can actually memorize some of it.

hope you y’all clear vykas!! bye for now

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Pictures 2 and 3 are the Same so how do you know If its top northeast or east ?

I’m not going to lie to you I made gate 3 without understanding that mechanic lmao

I have seen 2 & 3 pattern most of time I tried in vykas it was always "3 safe spot, but yea I haven’t figure out how you can tell.

hahah gj!

Thank you. It was not my team’s problem. It’s too easy. Everyone was killed by one attacking the other and it became a big mess. Once everyone misses their sleep bomb

if you see that pattern it means you cannot with certainty tell which one between the 2 the real one is, you can use her moaning sound cues to find the real one but its not that easy since spatial audio isnt as good in this game, there is also this same kind of pattern recognition thing for swords only but yea it will be basically impossible to have 8 of your people be above 70%

however id just advise everyone to do the mech normally its really not that hard to have 1 guy stand in the puddle she spawns at the start/around swamp mech for a little bit to be on red gauge

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This isnt a guide. Its an attempt as making an easy mechanic easier.

Its the easiest mech other than orbs. All you do is ping the swords and when it lines up with a statue you go there for the safe spot.

This image makes it much easier to memorize (found in top comment in this reddit thread: