Guide quest "Save me" bug

Location: East Luterra - Blackrose Chapel
Quest: Save me (Guide quest) - First part “Look for traces of people in the cottages”.

I can take the quest i can see the quest objectives but when i try to do the first step in the quest chain and the press the quest, the loading bar for completing the quest point loads but i dont get the quest point(s) and same happens with all points in the quest objectives in the quest. Tried retaking the quest but same thing happens after several retries.

Same here!

Just got the same bug. I didn’t initially try all of the quest points to see if any worked beyond the first point. I was going to record a video of the issue to include here. When I went to quest point three, it completed the objective. Clearly, recording a video had no effect but maybe the logging out and abandoning did. Not sure since I only tried the first quest point before logging out and abandoning the quest.