Guide to fix error [WOx9-SPELPWP1 P2NT] May also fix [G0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT]

Found a fix while going through serveral comments and trying serveral things, although I think the fix has worked I haven’t given it a huge amount of time but considering I would get kicked off every ten minutes or so I think it’s a massive improvement.
All of this is shamelessly stolen but I can’t find the exact comments rn, one of them was from a mod but I don’t know how much his suggestion actually helped but I’d try it anyway.

Validate your Lost ark files in steam, right click lost ark, go to properties, local files, then verify the steam files for lost ark.

Next, check your easy anticheat is working, I found mine by going to, steam, right clicking lost ark, manage, browse local files, and searching easy in the lost ark folder, run EasyAntiCheat_Setup and either install or repair.

Next I installed TCP optimiser, I ran the optimal settings at a mbp above my usual speed.

I then turned off my firewall but you can try making sure both lost ark and steam are being allowed through on private and public.

After you’ve done all this you will need to reboot your pc (at least to take in effect the TCP optimiser settings)

I don’t know if this will work for everyone but it’s working for me so far. Again I know this isn’t a user side error but I fixed it myself despite the fact that it’s definitely a problem that’s come through the recent update, (at least for me)

Edit; I recently did a full drivers update ranging from Network drivers to gpu drivers, I don’t know how much this effected it but just thought I’d mention it. But since I still ran into the problem after updating everything I wouldn’t tie them together yet.

This all worked for me but I’ll update if it doesn’t work for extended amounts of time, since I haven’t given it a long enough test. This is still on Smilegate to solve as they are going to see a steady decrease in players sooner or later as this begins to happen to more players.


hello you save my game, i only applied optimal setting on tcp optimizer and now i can go in chaos dungeon without error or bug

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No problem I stole the tcp guide from someone else so I can’t take credit for it, but ty and gl anyway

tcp optimizer fixed it for like 1hr in my experience and here we go bugged on a chaos dj again…too bad that’s the best content to up your main & alts gear and i just can’t do it on any character without wasting it.

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damn that sucks idk what to say iv had mine working for over 3 hrs, Maybe update your network drivers but yeah its for sure a problem on their side, it sucks that we have to find ways to fix their fuck up

Que tantas personas tengamos el mismo error 100% el error es de su parte en los primero dias estaba yendo bien después de la nada aparece ese error, eso fue por que tocan algo y no saben solucionarlo :roll_eyes: espero que nos tomen en cuenta y solucione ese problema

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Well… it happened to me last night… and to many others.
Isn’t this a problem that they need to solve? Isn’t it something on their end, not the players?

Plus I would like to know if TCP Optimizer is actually allowed. I don’t want to use anything that they would see as being a cheat like a VPN.

I don’t know, and I would like to hear from AGS/Smilegate to clarify this point… Is it OK to use TCP Optimizer? @Roxx