Guild Announcement and Discord

Why is it basically impossible to put anything remotely related to Discord in the guild announcement in-game? Everything is a “prohibited word”. The full link makes sense, but even an invite link code alone or a Discord username is apparently a prohibited word.

As a guild that focused on recruiting primarily in-game, why are the tools not available to advertise Discord? Initially a full link was possible, then just the invite code, now I can’t figure out anything to get past the filter for the guild announcement (nor do I want to if this is legitimately against the rules, but why would it be?)

Is this because the guild announcement shares the exact same filter as chat?


Can’t you just put the server code? The random letters that appear after .gg

I imagine most guild members could work out something like Join D/C: hytrk

Nope, that’s exactly what I tried to do and it blocks it. I even tried to generate a few different server codes just in the event the one I tried was no good.

just tell them your discord name + numbers , works like that for me even in announcements

I actually tried to do THAT today and it also blocked it. I did that in the past and it worked, but they keep adding new things to the prohibited words.


Not too worried about users here having my Discord username, so wanted to use the real example.

try putting space instead of #, people should figure that out, but yea i agree they need to change guild announcements, its annoying even stuff like “Accept guild request in Una tasks” doesnt work for me

Trust me, i’ve tried everything – they seem pretty set on blocking this for some reason:

I even tried it without mentioning Discord or Invite, still fails. Whatever pattern they are looking for… it seems intentionally targeted to prevent advertising Discord.

Hear me out. You also tried this without the Guild shop announcement as well?

Just covering all bases.

I actually just tried removing the line break, apparently it was the newline that was “prohibited”. Sigh. Not sure why it even lets you do it if it’s just going to reject it.

Makes sense as i’ve seen links in guild announcements