Guild by ACCOUNT / Game writing

Feedback about the game.
I just came with my guild to check it out and see what the game was like, but I fell in love and I’m loving playing with my guild.

But 2 things that bother me a lot are, I can’t use any character of mine in the guild, being able to switch between tank / DPS / Supp for example, because the invite to the guild is per character and not by the account itself.

This brings me other problems like, if 5 friends of mine play Deathblade and I have a guild focused on GvG or hard endgame content, I won’t be able to call all my friends to the guild, because they run out of support, for example.

The second thing that bothers a lot is, the writing of the game is not regionalized but I believe you will solve that soon, I hope.

We Brazilians can’t type normally in chats and anywhere else in the game because everything we type is blocked and for us they are absolutely normal things like “kkk” which for us is just a laugh or worse still the word “fica” that is to stand still.

So the written communication of the game is very difficult for us.

I ask you to at least consider reviewing this feedback, thanks for the amazing game! <3 O7