Guild can use battle sword skill in GVG PVP island

i see some guilds using the battle sword in matchs that isnt supossed to work like slime island, my theory is that when the change that remove the use on that island came they already had the sword save in the preset and still can use, its a unfair advantage 80% more damage for 15-18s.

josejacksonolivera greetings!

What server are you on and what is your character name?

@Centeotl You answered into this topic so ill ask you. How is that my guild is not able to use the Battlefield Sword skill in GvG match but our enemy is? We havent had the battlefield sword skill in our tab for several weeks now… And yes we have researched it LONG ago as you can see from the raid match tab. I sent a ticket about this 13 days ago and still waiting. Thanks.

Hi, Chenbi, see this post where I show how to get your sword back - you need to remove all spells from “Raid Match” - enter a Wili-Wili, or random Raid match, make sure that all the guild spells are off, then leave, then the sword will show up available for PVP.

Basically the sword is being RESERVED by Raid match.

See solution above ^^^^^

Thanks for helping out. @Chenbi Let us know how it goes!

It worked here thanks