Guild Chat Bug- still faulty

Hello AGS,

You may be aware of the recent Guild chat bug. I vaguely remember seeing some posts with your replies notifying players you are looking into this and may implement a fix during today’s weekly update. However, I just logged in now and it is still bugged. I have tried creating new chat tabs, remove/added various options but I still cannot see Guild chat. Grateful if you can actually look into this and have it fixed please (it’s been quite lonely this week).

Thank you,

Also still have the same issue and thought it would be fixed this week but i guess not

Hey there,

Thank you for your feedback about the current progress of the Guild chat bug. I understand it can be frustrating and discouraging. I will forward your feedback.

Thank you @mr.mgh12 for contributing to the discussion. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Thanks for still making sure its getting checked but seeing as some of my guildmates now no longer have the “bug” and i still do could it be clientsiteded?