Guild Chat is bugged and does not work

Every character i have guild chat doesn’t work. I type something to guild chat, it doesn’t populate. Deleting tab and making a new one with guild chat only selected, does not work either.

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Having same issue. I’ve search previous threads and tried methods with no luck. Deleting and making new tabs. Unchecking everything… checking everything… different characters… chat filtering checked and uncheck… One by one adding and substracting chat options, only guild chat is broken since the patch launch. Its been two days and I can’t organize with guildmates to run content. What ever i type starts in the chat window, but after I sent, it disappears. They receive messages, but I cant see my messages once sent or what they stay. I still get notifications of guildies logging in and out. Hoping you find an answer.

I’m also having this issue.
I’ve tried making new tabs, checking and unchecking filters, and spamming chat between each check/uncheck.
I still cannot see guild chat.

I can confirm I’m in a guild (I donated silver earlier).

Hey there! Thank you for coming forward. I have reported this bug to the Dev team.

@Jinonline Welcome to the forums! Thank you for contributing to the topic and I’m sorry you’re experiencing this as well.

@Mistral120 Hello hello, I’m sorry you’re experiencing this issue too. As stated, I have reported this bug to the Dev team. :slight_smile:

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Great, I also have this bug and was about to make a post! But looks like dev team is aware already

same issue here, don’t know how to workaround it, my guild chat does not work at all, tried to restart the game, make new tab but did not help. Now I don’t see what others in guild are writing, really frustrating.

@Zuraine Hey there, it doesn’t look like there is a workaround for this issue. I understand the frustration and I apologize for the inconvience.

@TheWillowWay I’m glad you saw this post! I’m sorry you’re also experiencing this bug as well.

WTF ? You can’t patch this ? it’s an Emergency Bug to Fix !

Ya… this really does need to be fixed, hopefully this maintenance coming up soon

how was this not fixed with todays maintenance? kekw

Can confirm that bug still exists…

I’ll tell you how.

They don’t give a fuck.

Ok not sure if this will work for you but I had this issue long before the update. The solution at this time was to modify the system chat. Using my own created tab did never work.
I do not have an issue with this update.
Just give it a try.

Does not work for me either…

@Nuepi Welcome to the community! I’m glad to hear you’re not experiencing an issue with the newest update. Thank you for extending a helping hand.

@Sturmwaechter I’m sorry you’re experiencing this issue. I assure you the Dev team is aware of this bug.

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Jesus Christ… what are you waiting for to solve that we can visualize the guild chat tab again? At the programming level, it’s a few basic lines of code… god…

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Weekly update, and guild chat is STILL BROKEN. This is nice.


delete the old guild chat tab and make a new one and it should work since the patch

Can you confirm that this completely solves the issue? :crossed_fingers: