Guild Contribution status on character's status content screen


Is there any chance that an option that indicates if you indeed gave your required contribution that day to the guild can be added to the character’s content screen?
Just like Una’s, Raids, etc., I would love to have that there. I have 9 characters and they are spread between the main guild alt guilds, almost each one of them in a different guild. I don’t always remember which one of them donated or not and since you have to wait for every logging screen at each one of them is going to take a while to check them all 9.

These are the windows I’m talking about:

Also in this 2nd section would be nice to see in what guild the character is:

Thank you!

That sounds like an interesting idea, simplufici! I’ll send it over to the development team.

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Thank you!

My login routin goes like this,

login, alt+u - guild contribution, checking Una tasks - if not 100% rested then skipping it, then doing the same with guardian and chaos

All that on 6 chars, if nothing else to do, then doing some horizontal stuff
You should build up your own habbits as well, and you wouldnt forget it either :wink:

Anyway, like the idea ^^

This would be amazing!

No problem!

It would be a pretty cool feature!