Guild Cooldown 32days

Hi so long story short i was looking for a home (guild) and didn’t find the right fit. I ended up with a guild for a few weeks before they went inactive and to go look for a new home it says 32d cooldown… well i finally bit the bullet and did it and now i have 20days left.

So a friend i have met through the game has informed me i can like ask for help/appeal this? I understand the mechanic but i mean 32d is just ridiculous -_- Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Character name: Enilk
Server: Galatur - NA East

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Hello @eKz

As it currently stands, we as players do not know the specifics as to what “cooldowns” there are for leaving guilds to avoid penalties (with good reason). These penalties are mainly for Guild vs Guild content that will be coming soon, among other reasons, so that the system cannot be abused by switching guilds multiple times to get an advantage. When leaving a Guild, the cooldown timer increases each time you leave, starting from just a few minutes for your first time.

Unfortunately, they cannot reset the cooldown for leaving a guild, so you will have to wait the remaining 20 days to join another. I’d highly recommend choosing your next guild carefully and ensure not to leave for quite a while as the cooldown will most likely be longer than the one you just received.

As always, if you’d like to give feedback on how they could improve this system feel free to make a topic under #game-feedback:game-feedback to let them know!

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Hello, @eKz!

I’m sorry to hear what happened when you left your previous guild.

I know that there’s not much details for how “cooldowns” or penalites for leaving guilds work, and I definitely understand how this might feel as its an important feature from the game and sadly we can’t bypass or reset those timers.

I’ll see if I can gather some more details about this, or if an official statement can be made. This is something that can be worked on so I’ll make sure to pass this feedback. Also you can create a topic on the feedback section of the forums for even more visibility.

An special mention to @Blodreina for being such a positive member of the community, I’ve seen you on other posts being friendly and sharing helpful information with other members, and we appreciate it a lot! :smiley:


Hello, @eKz, It’s me again!

Here’s some updates regarding your case:

Penalty for level 50+ when leaving a guild (days) 1/4/8/16/32
Penalty for level <50 when leaving a guild (min/hours) 15min/12hours/24hours/48hours

You might know this already but it’s better to share this for the folks that are wondering about those penalty timers.

If you find the timers too long, please reach out to us via live chat so we can bring this in front of the Devs for even more visibility.

I can’t promise that you’ll receive an immediate resolution but this is something extra you can do, and start gathering players feedback about this specifically.

As well, the team is working on a more official announcement for this.

Thanks again for the patience, and tag me if you need anything else! :smiley: