Guild did not receive participation rewards for GvG

Hello! Our guild did GvG (Siege) this weekend as usual, but did not receive any rewards for our participation. The Siege log shows info for all five matches under [Guild Battle]; however, unlike previous weeks, there was no subsequent “You are 2 place Death’s Hold Island with X points” message. We were 1 of 2 teams participating.

NA East, Sasha server. Guild name: Noxian.



Hi traveler @beltanii.

Hope your doing good!

Thanks for your post, sorry to hear your GvG reward is missed. I will request an investigation on your case, please allow me your main character name and i will be letting you any update on this.

Edit: Working on it!

Okay, thank you and please let me know if you need any other information from my end!

Character: Laerica

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Hi @beltanii

Still working on the investigation. Please provide some screenshots of the Siege guild’s logs and the message shown there. Those will help us to properly document the case.

The 7/24 Death’s Hold participation is the GvG/Siege in question. Please let me know if I can provide anything else.

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Hello, any updates on the investigation? Thanks!

Hi @beltanii

Sorry for taking so long to provide an update. We’ve check the guild logs provided and players record, but we haven’t been able to locate any trace of them getting their participation rewards for the Death’s Hold Siege last July 25th.
We need to dig deeper, please provide us the in-game name of the guild mates who participate in the Siege that day.

Still working on the case.

The game doesn’t provide logs of participating players. Best I could do was a Discord survey, so here are the players that marked themselves as present:


Obviously there were 8-12 present, but this is the best I can do on short notice with no logging.

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Hi @beltanii.

Thanks for your patience while we worked on this investigation.

After a deep search we found the main issue was that the guild leader (Laerica) did not join the Siege of Death’s Hold Island at all on July 25th. I confirmed this after checking the account logs of the members you’ve listed and comparing with what I’ve seen on Laerica’s account logs.

Those members received their participation rewards right after the Siege ends, while on Laerica’s records shows there’s not even a trace of them entering the map itself.

I hope this clears out the situation, if there is any further doubt, please let me know.

Edit: thanks for clarify that, working on it :+1:

Hi @Kexxelon, I’m afraid I wasn’t clear enough about the issue. You’re correct that I (Laerica) did not participate that week - the problem is not that I failed to receive bloodstones.

The issue is that our guild was not listed as second place and did not receive the 62,500 gold to distribute. There were only two guilds participating: us (Noxian) and Twin Blades. However, after the reset, only Twin Blades was listed on the leader board in first place. We have been the only two guilds at Death’s Hold several times, but never encountered this.

Please let me know if this clarifies things. Thanks.

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