Guild dissolving

My guild has dissolved … and I get a penalty for this and cannot join a new guild for x time? What the heck ???
This is ridiculous…

The same is true if you get kicked from a guild, for any reason, and then once that timer is up and you join a new guild you’ll also have a new member probation period. It’s a pretty brutal system, but it does prevent guilds from recruiting/bribing short-term mercenaries for GvG, guild power leveling, and research support.

Personally, I think it’s almost a good system. The problem with it is that it too punishing for most players. My recommendation would be to allow people to easily change guilds a few times with no leave penalty (keep the probation period). Then, maybe after 3 leaves (strikes) have the leave penalty kick it. From there, if they stick around for 30-90+ days you “forgive” one of the leaves so they’re free to easily hop to another guild again.

This would give players the flexibility they need to find a guild that’s a good fit, prevent situations like this where players are punished for things they can’t control, and still (partially) prevent guilds from abusing short-term mercenaries. (Mercenaries would be incentized to stick around for at least 30-90 days)

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Its one of the worst guild system implementations I have ever seen :joy: they really need to redesign it from the ground up. Way too many penalties.

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