Guild donation function restricted?

i just log on after this week update and wanna play the game like normaly i do, but i got restricted from guild donation for all my 6 alt’s and i’ve asked many people and it say it’s a bug and also ive asking do they having the same issue and they say no. so it is just me or? can someone spesificly explain how i can get this problem and how do i fix this?

It is a known issue and will (most likely) get fixed with the hotfix in a few hours:

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ah… i see. good to know it will be fixed soon, thanks for sharing the information

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Hello PreciseDagger, since your thread is in English, I’m moving it from the French “Game Feedback” section to the English one.

I still can’t donate gold. I can donate silver now though but I get the message when trying to donate gold.

Your hot fix fixed the silver donation problem but I still can’t donate gold in the guild I’m the guild leader of.

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