Guild Donation/guild shop and Pirate Storage

Hello everyone i just wanted to say that it takes so much time donating on 6 characters everyday and relog etc, will be good if there was a think that insta donate support on all my characters insta, same for pirate storage and guild shop. There is no way make a total storage and purchase from there all mats that you deserve? Thanks

I would like to add if possible insta-chaos dungeon, insta-guardian, insta-unatask(which is already there), insta-oreha, insta-argos, insta-valtan/vykas/kakul. :v:

It takes so much time to relog to do those per characters. :+1:

No trolls intention


And again a thing someone “must” do.

You don’t have to do it!

If you want rewards then work for it :wink:

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