Guild Functions?

I am a guildmaster in Valtan I am finding alot of in ability to rally my members to join me in content my ability to even give my members a decent message longer than 30 charecters hurts my feels i cant set a time and date for players to register their interest if we had the ability to que for raid or dungeon from the guild tab that would be sick as i could help lower ilvl players catch up but at this rate i will probably leave my guild to an alt to run and join my main to a more active guild I am geared now for vultan but the next closest member of mine thats not my alt is at the least 4 or more weeks off valtan and I dont even think anyone else has even cleared argos so as a GM it would be nice to have the following availiable to assist my guild organisation

1 a guild chat that is in the guild tab similarly as the one used when making party at the dungeon/raid party finder

2 a guild message board that you can put a message of 500 charecters in to make your guild fully aware of your plans and requirements for the week

3 an in guild party finder so guild mates can party together within the guild and do the content and assemble on the set time and day to make attempts at content

thankyou other than these points all is well.