Guild Leave Timers, i know this is redundant

A few times prior I joined a dead guild with my alt, no weeklies, guildmaster MIA for days, no researches, so i quit those. Finally after weeks of searching I found a decent, quite active guild. Then this happened, no prior warning, 100% contributor.
I don’t care for their reason to throw me out, Why the hell do I get the short end of the stick by getting 16 days ban? I’m just dead inside.

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Don’t take it personally, it nothing personal but business. Maybe they have other people that will contribute more, gold e.t.c

The guild leave penalty goes up the more you leave guilds. If you don’t leave guilds for a while it goes down. I’ve never had more then a day penalty. Supposedly weekly contribution and going a few weeks without leaving starts lowering the penalty back to a day.

383 hours is a really long time, over 15 days. u must’ve left guilds several times alrdy. One of my alts left guilds 3 times, and the system put a 7-days timer on him.

it’s an absolutely garbage system

they’re terrified you might hop guilds over and over and buy up all the items from bloodstone shops with no penalty

even though there’s almost no benefit at all to doing that…

and there are very easy ways of preventing that from being exploited :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t worry soon they will implement “Guild Penalty reduction ticket” for 1100 royal crystal

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