Guild Leaving Penalty (Cannot join a new guild for 4days?)

Before I explain what happened to me, the point I’m trying to make in this thread is that I want the guild penalty for leaving a guild to be completely removed or at the very least, capped to a 1 day wait period before being able to join a new guild. The fact I have to wait 4 days to join a new guild and then at that point have to wait like 3-4 more days to get promoted from “New Guildmate” is ridiculous especially since my past few guilds were inactive and dead and me leaving those guilds essentially had 0 impact on the players in those guilds.

So initially when I started playing the game I made my own guild. After several weeks I realized it was very hard to recruit players who play as much as I do. This is due to my server not being very populated (Adrinne on NA East). So I quit my guild and was given a 1 day penalty where I had to wait 1 day before I join a new guild. I joined a new guild which I thought was an active guild and after staying with that guild for 1-2 weeks I realized I was the only player at 1445 ilvl and the next closest player in the guild was under 1400. So I quit that guild as well.
Was given another penalty and had to wait another day or so before joining a guild again.
I joined the original guild I made again on my main. Now I’ve just found an awesome guild I want to join so I quit my guild yet again and now I’m given a 4 day penalty before I can join a new guild???
This is a massive issue and seems pointless.
The point I’m trying to make is why have a 4-day penalty before I can join another guild. The first 24-hour penalty seemed reasonable especially since you get “new guildmate” status for like 3-4 days.
Please reduce guild leaving penalties to 24 hours no matter how many times you leave a guild.
If anything, remove the guild leaving penalty totally since there’s a reason there is a “new guildmate” status in guilds.
I left my previous guilds due to guildmates being inactive or just a totally dead guild with no active players near my ilvl, why am I being punished now for just trying to improve my gaming experience.

I didn’t read all the text, but I understand it happened to me, the 72 hours temp ban from joining another guild is annoying, and then a further 72 hours to become a guild member to contribute is more annoying.

And I believe that if you continually leave guilds the time increases? Hopefully someone can confirm this, as this is what I have heard from other players.

They should at least reduce this drastically for Crystalline Players as a benefit, say to 1 day for each penalty. 1 day to join, 1 day to become a member and keep it permanently at 1 day. There is literally no point to the 72 hours at all.

yeah it definitely increases the more you leave, I’ve left 3 times and now it’s up to a 4 day penalty before I can rejoin a guild.
I left the guilds because they were dead and inactive and now I found a good guild I want to join but have to wait 4 days to join? then another 3-4 to be promoted from “New Guildmate”…