Guild leaving/ switching penality is WAY too long

Wait times for characters above level 50

1st leave: 1 day

2nd leave: 4 days

3rd leave: 8 days

4th leave: 16 days

5th leave: 32 days

I totally see that a system to prevent people from hopping guilds is needed and useful, but the the waiting times imho are a bit over the top.

The main problem is that you have ZERO way to inform yourself about the guild you’re about to join, there isn’t even a proper “info system”, all you see is members/ max members and guild lvl.

In other games, where group content is less challenging and that maybe have bigger playersbases finding the right guild already can be a quest on it’s own even without such absurd waiting times.

I just returned to the game after not having played since Feb or March. Having to wait 14 days to join a guild was one of the reasons I did quit the game back then. Now I returned, forgot about the silly penalities, parked my main in my “alt guild” thinking it would take ages to reach “group content lvls” anyways but moved to 1370 within 2-3 days thanks to the event quest…and now: surprise, I cannot join a guild because I have to wait 31 days. After not having played for around half a year.

I mean. A full month? That’s way too long. Imho.


The penalty resets after 30 days of either:

A.) Not being in a guild entirely
B.) staying with the same guild for 30 days.

The game really doesn’t like people hoping around a bunch. If you’re unsure when you joined a guild check the logs in the guild time and just look for your character name. If you leave a guild before 30 days you incur a penalty and the timer for the reset of the penalty resets.

I get that as said: but there imho is a a lot of room between “sticking with a guild” and “guild hopping for fun”…1 week is long enough imho, 2 weeks already is absurd, 4 weeks is insane.

I personally never even was guild hopping in the first place, I just could not decide what class to focus on and did not want to leave an inactive toon in a guild, then one time the GM pretty much lied to me about how active his guild would be and in between I parked the toon in my “alt guild parking garage”…

now I have to wait 1 month before I properly can play the game after not having played for 6 months… it imho makes no sense whatsoever.

It would make sense if the penality increases the more often people change in a certain time frame, but I should not get a 31 day long penality after not even having played for 6 months.

Hence I’m not sure if it even resets…I think once you have left a guild X times, you ALWAYS will get the maximum penality no matter what.

It does reset. I have never had more than 1 day penalty and I moved my toons between main and alt-guild around.
The systems is not that bad.

then either me or you are bugged. since I returned from a 6 month break, joined my alt guild, wanted to leave my alt guild a day later and now have to wait 30 days.

I had 8 Days on my main, and i was not “hopping” around.
At the Game start i was in a random Guild with people that where not fitting.
After some days we decided to create an own guild.
At late Punika (5 Weeks later) we realised having a small guild just with 2 friends will not lead us to sucess in the Endgame.
So we searched another bigger one.

And with/after this last leave i had this 8 Days penalty. And this is far to long also in my opinion.

8 days imho is okay in order to prevent people from hopping guilds, but if you now would leave again it would be 14 days and after the next leave it would be 32 days…

The thing is: if those counters would go up for people that do constantly hop guilds it would not even be a problem, but the way I underst and it is that after having left 4 times, you ALWAYS will get a 32d penality.

Means: if e.g. your guild is dead and you leave, you leave to join a new one, but that is not fitting or maybe you were lied to about activitiy or other stuff (like guild having 100% bloodstones distributed to the guild instead of the player for example) you HAVE to stick around with them or leave and wait for 32d…

Again, some kind of system to keep hoppers in check is good, but I was never even hopping guilds, just moving my toons out of guilds over deciding to main a different class or leaving because the guild was not active (since people left their “mains” in there and not even logging on since they were not mains in the first place), then tried my own guild which eventually turned into my alt guild since it was full of people not even delivering what they promissed (as in: join their mains, be social, help each other out, run groups together etc).

…and now after a 6 month break from the game I have to wait 30 days before I even really can start playing the game.

sorry maybe i was not able the set the point.

i “just” had 3times changed the guild. not on a day / week / or month.
And this systems punished me for guild hopping?

30 days are also a no go for me. We tried to hire new players for our guild. one had also 30 days. and finally he just dropped off from the game.

Preventing that players leave and join a new guild every day is fine. but this system is complete out of scope from bringing any sence.

In addition, you dont get rewards or can spend for 3 days in an new guild.
i really dont get what they want to protect?! the bloodstones?

They are protecting them much better than gold. Does not make Sence.

For me increase the time from 3 days to 7 days not getting stones, reset the timer for the leaves after a period of time, maybe 2 month - 3 month.

but getting punished for situations that where present 6 or 8 moth ago does not help / prevent anything.
This was a new game, alot of people startet / quit. Alot gave up in later Raid Groups because of Hohning, class releases and other Points.
This system as it is just prevents prople of playing together instead of preventing guild hopping.

yes, that’s my very point.

Especially since you “stay” on the 30 day penality, even after not having played for 6 months like in my case.

Obviously, if I’d had remembered the penality system after returning from my 6 month break I would not have joined my alt guild in the first place, but I did join it, just to basically be locked out of content for another month now.

Hiya, thank you for your feedback. I think there were some great points made and I will forward your request to the Dev team. :slight_smile:

Thank you to everyone who has participated in this discussion.