Guild management (automatic leadership transfer)


I’ve read in some guides that if the guild master doesn’t log into the game for 10 days, guild leadership will be transferred to another member. Is that true? If so, I imagine it is transferred to a deputy or an officer. Do you know how does it work?

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If that is how it works, I hope any GM doesnt go on holiday for 2 weeks. Imagine losing the guild you build up and spend plenty of time on to get it to run smoothly, only to have it been taken away due to some lackluster system. If this is a thing, the time limit should be raised to at least a month.

Looks like you gotta leave yourself logged in when you go on a long vacation. Make sure you depart just after maintenance to give yourself more time before you get kicked off next Maintenance.

Let’s see if a dev @Seawolf @Roxx can ask for us and give an official answer

I like this system. I think 2 weeks without a leader is too much. And if you as a leader need to take that time, it shouldnt be any problem on leaving the temporary responsability on a deputy and get it back after. Of course you need to pick trustful people as deputy and officers.

(if it transfers to high ranks only)


Or put an alt as deputy/officer to earn some times.


What are you leading? A kindergarten? Having a guild with an officer or two should be enough to keep the guild running for 2 weeks if the GM is on vacation. There should be no reason to hand down the leadership for that short amount of time.


If I am not mistaken, the Co-Leader, you set the rank will get the leader of the guild, just make the co-leader a close friend, and you will not have any problem. If they occur, you can ask him to give the leader status back to you.

Well, I just think deputy and officers dont have same capabilities than the guild master. Is as simple as that. Maybe for 2 weeks you wont be able to apply for territory wars or researching for a new skill such as trading level (which let you buy better mats with guild currency) for example.

Maybe im wrong, but… guild master could have some important capabilities that lower ranks dont and maybe you could miss important stuff.

bumping this. was there any response or update?

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Bumping this too, my friend just lost his guild to someone who most don’t know simply because he has a higher ilvl. This is completely insane and just plain stupid. Why wouldn’t leadership just simply transfer to an officer? not to mention, guild master cannot go on vacation longer than 10 days? this is ridiculous.

It is supposed to pass from guild leader to the deputy after the leader has not logged in for ten days. Supposed to.

I do not know what happens if you never appointed a deputy, perhaps it goes to the highest ilv or contributor.

I can confirm that after 10 days the GM gets put as GuildMate (not GuildMaster) and the Deputy (I was the GD) is made GameMaster.

However, there’s not an option to “Make GM” for guild roles. So I assume the way to give it back is to make the GM deputy and then you log off for 10 days…
We’ll see when my GM comes back on the 13th. Lol @ the comment saying “GM needs not to go on vacation for 2 weeks!”. That’s exactly what he did lmao

bumping this post. got the same problem and I’ve been trying to contact amazon support and the answer is hopeless " Thank you for contacting Amazon Customer Support.

I’m sorry to hear about the situation regarding your guild.

I completely understand the frustration since this can affect your gaming experience.

At the moment we are not able to give you back your status as guild master.

Should the guild master be inactive another player will automatically be promoted.

The options would be to join the guild again and get the current guild master to promote you, or to create another guild with your main character or an alt. ". sad that I’ve lost my almost level 4 guild in a sec without knowing it first. sucks that the system it’s not detected the activity on the account itself instead of the character. I’m busy building the alt and forgot to log on the character that belongs to GM in my guild in 10 days. Now my guild is overtaken by random and banning all the member including me. After doing research in this forum the Developers said it was the plan for keeping the guild active, in the reality know what? seeing your raised guild without payoff actually killing the mood to play this game again.

I have an escalated ticket in with a GM because of this happening to me…supposedly this will be passed on to a Dev…who knows if that means anything… Terrible design.

It’s my guild and my community if I want it to be dormant while I am gone for 2 weeks then that’s my choice, not some rando who I don’t know who never even talks in guild…

The worst part is, he isn’t even doing anything with lead. I would already have tasks running again…Passing lead made the guild less active than if it just stayed with me!

My husband and I just got married. He is the guild leader and I the deputy. We lost his guild leader position because we got married! We had no way to sign in while traveling and we also got married out of town. This is too short a time!

Can there be any official response on this? I’m Guild Master and i’ve been working hard to get us where we are (almost lvl8) . If i go on holidays will i loose the guild? This makes ZERO sense (like so many things in this game) .

EDIT: Or atleast if someone knows, which i doubt in reality any1 besides SG know’s how the system work cares to explain?

It’s the type of thing that works in Korea but doesnt work here… So much for the so called “localization”.

We’re in a bit of a pickle with this as well.
The original GM went MIA (hasnt been on for over a month, and GM was transferred to an also MIA Officer a few times. The current GM has not been online for 11 days, but apparently there are no more officers to pass the torch to. The only active people in the guild are my husband and I and neither are Officers, we have, however been donating daily since 8/2 and would very much like to take over the inactive guild and make something with our investment.
Can anyone confirm if it just stops transferring GM when there are no Officers?

Had a guild bank char, didn’t kick people out who registered the charter to create its guild… took a break to find myself returning to my bank character kicked from his own guild… lost 20m gold’s worth of stuff in it (mounts, pets, TCG stuff, etc.)