Guild member limitations are frustrating

Guild leaders, how are you handling getting your full community into your guild?

Guild level one only allows up to thirty members to join. You can’t really advance guild experience until you have members at level 50 contributing to guild XP through the daily/weekly guild tasks. We are caught in an awkward spot of needing to only invite 30 people with guild tagged and all others waiting outside the guild so we can open more spots.

This was unexpected and caught a lot of people off guard. I’d imagine most guilds will easily hit cap if you even invite one person’s alt characters - and this game encourages alt play.

How has your guilds worked around this cap limit?


^ What? Do you just not have a large group of friends that wants to game together? People have friends.

dude, really? 50+ “friends”?
iv been gaming on mmos for years.
Either you are the odd one out (possible), or just planing on recruiting till you get your pockets full.

what u want? 500 man guild? were only the true friends from Gleader do content and all others are cashcows?

if u really have 50+friends then yea. make 2 guilds. but almost all content is 5-10 man. Gl


Is this your first MMO? Lineage 2 started with 10 member guilds (clans). 30 members is quite generous.

I totally get wanting to have a big guild, but i dont think many people have 50 close friends on their gaming friend list lol

I’m honestly just not sure what the point is in limiting the number of people you can have in a guild to a relatively very low number. There are a lot of Discord communities out there with many interested members that would like to stick together. We had around 65 or so people who actually paid for the founder’s packs to play and probably 25+ more who wanted to try when the game went F2P. This isn’t going to happen for many different reasons unfortunately and very low guild count limits are another one of them stopping from us enjoying our own community in this game. We made a 2nd guild for alts, and for those who don’t want to play much but we still have 20+ people waiting for us to level the guild up so we can invite some of them.

I just find it strange how they limited it and ask you to level the guild to get more members. What’s the logic behind that exactly? Anyone know?

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You might have more than 50 active members at launch. Then 2 months after you got 10 active players and 20 inactive. Just boot them and make space. It happens in every game.

Okay, but what’s the point in limiting the number of members. Especially when the very fact that people can’t play with their friends deters them from playing at all or for an extended duration in the first place. But what I really want to know… is why would they do that? It seems counterproductive from a business platform standpoint, and the limited guild members in each guild doesn’t seem to provide any benefit for Smilegate.

probably and its my guess, in almost every game,a big chunk of players dislike mega guilds, for various reasons, almost every game I played mmo wise there they ware were only 1-2 people in management had all the power and money and all other just had to “pay” or ware being exploited.

also, I think* that there are guild wars in lost ark. i honestly don’t know how they work, if it is instanced or open world. but I recon in any game a 50vs500 match is not very well balanced

At least increase the limit to 100 or something… For minimum level. And then depending on level, add 5-10 more slots. Not 2. This is a joke. You start with 30 and you get 2 DAMN SLOTS per level.

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Duuuuude, Warframe has 1000 member clans! brahhhhh

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