Guild menu tabs

As a guild leader, I want to be able to easily and quickly manage my guild. With the current tabs at the top, you have to click on arrows to view all the tabs, except really there is only one to tab over from: Manage. It would be much cleaner and easier if the padding on each button was lowered and the arrows removed so that they could fit all on one line. As it is now, it has felt like guild applications are hidden.

I know it’s not a major issue, but as someone managing a guild and handling 30+ applications in the past 4 days I’ve spent more time than I’d have liked clicking those arrows to get to the Manage tab. There is more than enough padding to remove to make room and still keep the tabs not looking cramped.


Honestly, this might seem so minor but I fully agree. It’s very awkward and there’s little reason to force you to use the arrows every time you want to check member applications when you could just make the buttons a little less wide.

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