Guild name cannot be used

Hello, I wanted to ask why I can’t create my guild. I am told the name cannot be used. I just don’t understand that. Names that are already in use are indicated that the name is already in use. So the name should not be taken.

Hello @Lynacchi and welcome back!

Sorry to hear what’s happening with your Guild name.

Make sure your guild name follows this criteria:

Guild names are limited to 2 - 20 characters, character names are limited to 2 - 16 characters.

Note that spaces, numbers, and multiple capital letters cannot be used in either guild or character names.

Special characters (!@#$%, etc.), capitalized letters other than the first letter of the name (e.g., McFly, WeIrDoGuY), and spaces are restricted.

If after this the name still can’t be used, there’s a chance it was taken already.

I hope this info helps! :smiley:

Guild name is Mekaku and should actually fulfil all criteria

Yeah, it actually meets the criteria for Guild name creation, so there’s the chance that the name was taken already.

But when I use names that are already taken I get the message that the name is used. Could it not rather be your chat/name filter? It’s super annoying right now, because I had to use a different name. That means we have to register a new domain, create a new logo, rename ourselves everywhere…

If the name’s not taken, but it wont let you use it there’s a chance the name is just locked.

Releasing names for re-use is a manual process that we will likely run at some point in the future, but at the moment there’s no option. You might have to go for a similar name at the moment.

Hi Santoryu

I’ve noticed that some guild names have spaces on them on Thirain - but according to your post, spaces cannot be used.

This is the same communication that we’ve seen from Roxx and various posts, but why have some guilds been able to sideline this?



Hey @Seraxian!

I appreciate you took the time to share this with us, I’ll look for the best way to escalate it in order to update the information we’re sharing with y’all!

Thanks again for the imput! :smiley:

Thanks Santoryu

Just to add - we created a guild name based on the rules and it’s two words together without a space. It is not our desired guild name.

If your communication is wrong and we are in fact allowed to have a space, could you please offer us a free guild rename?

At the moment, I’ll be sending the report for further review.

I can’t guarantee that a token can be given out for free because of this, so stay tuned for updates.

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention and stay safe! :smiley:

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hi, guilds name are regionwide? when i search for guild name it doesnt show up, but when i try to create, its say name is taken

Hi @Ultimate and welcome to the forums! :smiley:
Guild names are region-wide. What’s the guild name you’re planning to use? and on which region? :male_detective:

Thank you Santoryu for fast return. I chose and create my guild, i was just curious about if someone can create guild same name on other servers on my region. My region is EU and i am on Thirian.

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Yes, but “taken” is really different from my problem. for me, it’s about the guild name being unusable, which I find really bad.

Hi, so I’ve noticed that guild names are region-wide after creating on the first channel I made a character on. Later, I decided to main another server and deleted the guild on the previous server thinking I’d be able to create it again but it told me that the name is still in use. Is there a chance that you could release the name if that’s the case please? This kind of ruins all my plans otherwise :frowning:

Hi @DrPsychenaut and Welcome to the forums.

At the moment we can’t release names for re-use. It is something that’s planned for a future but not yet.

Hi @Santoryu @Roxx

I was wondering if you had any updates over this situation?

We’re eager to have our guild renamed with a space to our desired name before someone else takes it… however we’re not willing to pay for it as we believe we were misled by the incorrect communication (and we were following the restrictions mentioned by you/Roxx/the January update).

Is there any chance of us getting a free token?


Hello @Santoryu.

I also have the same questions. While playing, I just encountered a guild named “TheEnd”.

When I went through the process to create my own guild, (with the intended name of “OnlyDads”) I could not choose my desired name due to the one letter capitalization restriction.

So instead, we are now “Onlydads” and have started to put effort into raising the guild level.

Is there some kind of bug or cash shop item that would allow someone to capitalize two letters? I’m just confused as to how this could have happened.

Thanks for your time!

Hell @Santoryu

On the first day I was not allowed to make a guild name over 12 characters long. In this post you state that the maximum is 20 characters. I had to omit a character in my guild name because of the 12 char limit.

Can you confirm that the limit is 20 characters? If so how can I private message you? The instuctions in the private message say to click avatar and select a non-existant mail icon.

Honestly this is really poorly rolled out.

I’m running into this exact same issue and this really sucks.