Guild Name Change Issue

Good morning everyone,

I recently purchased a Guild Name Change ticket through the store and went to use it in order to add a space and put a capital letter in the second word. When I tried to do it, it said that name was already taken, I searched as much as I could and did not see the other guild. It’s a very specific name and I highly doubt it was taken normally.

My question is: Can anyone help me looking into why this did not work? Or if it happens to be that the name was taken, can I get a refund for the ticket I am obviously never going to use?

Character Name: Owchy
Server: Valtan
Guild Name: Stratsearth
Guild Name Change: Strats Earth

I appreciate you looking into this. Thank you for your help and time!

Hello! @Owchy

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Sorry to hear what’s happening with your Guild name.

Guild names and character names need to follow some criteria:

Guild names are limited to 2 - 20 characters, character names are limited to 2 - 16 characters.

Note that spaces, numbers, and multiple capital letters cannot be used in either guild or character names.

Special characters (!@#$%, etc.), capitalized letters other than the first letter of the name (e.g., McFly, WeIrDoGuY), and spaces are restricted.

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Thanks @Dim

I’m seeing a lot of guilds with spaces in them now. So if that’s the case, is there anyway that I can get refunded the crystals for the guild name chance ticket?


I’m having the same issue as well. Could the lost ark team look into this issue more, it’s systemic. Many guilds someone have spaces and multiple capitals. I also bought a name change ticket I cant do anything with. Additionally at value of 30 USD, it’s not exactly a cheap mistake

Hello @Pudgy

Thanks for the information on the fact that you are seeing some guilds with multiple capital letters.

I would recommend @Owchy and @Pudgy to get in contact with a representative from the live channels to make the correct report on this issue so it can be check your specific case.

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theres an issue with guild names that you cant have 3 seperate words with capital letter in the front the third word is allways with small first letter

I have also seen a lot of guilds with capitalization in the middle, separate words… please change how guilds can be named, this is exceedingly unfair to those who have purchased guild name change, without being able to have spaces.

I put in a support ticket and only got a reply to post on forums.

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It would really be nice to have longer names, with spaces and proper caps, for both guilds and characters. However, I would be willing to settle for longer guild names with proper caps. Is this going to be a thing?

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I have purchased a name change ticket and have been spending every few hours trying to change my guild name and have followed all the rules set by the guild naming restrictions going as far as to making my guild name all lowercase with no spaces despite how ugly that makes the name appear but still the name change does not work and i can find no fixes for this issue

what games have the devs been playing that you would make a restriction of one capital letter, one word, and only 20 characters. This is the dumbest idea ever.

I bought a name change token, and now want a freaking refund because of the stupidity of this rule. Oh btw its broke as hell, even one word one capital letter no spaces, it wont take.

I paid for the preorder I should have maybe some special rules like using more than one word guild names and being able to change it as long as I’m crystalline as well.

This idea was not thought out well by the dev team. Even if its a free to play game. Crystalline users and people who bought the pre order should have different abilities than the rando that just plays the free side.

I have this same problem with my guild. It doesn’t seem to make a difference what I try. Different words, spaces no spaces, capitals, no capitals. I have contacted support multiple times to try to get some answers but have not received any real information other than that it has been passed off to development.

What I don’t understand is that even if this is a bug, the gms have the ability to handle these cases on a case by case basis by changing the name. They’re just passing it off with no real response.

Bump on this post pls. I do want to change my guild name also.