Guild Name Changed and Policy Discussion

Recently there has been a big wave of guild names forcibly changed, let alone the text profanity filter being criticized to be absolute junk.
I have already read Amazon Games Naming Policy so check that off the checklist early on.
The guild name in question we owned was “Sexy” which was forcibly changed to “Sleekcall”. We’ve already put in tickets but haven’t received any response in a weeks’ time.

For one, we’d love to hear a logical reason as to how that name is in any way violative/offensive/inappropriate in a rated M game, whether from the community or the resident mods on this forum. Only for comparisons’ sake and not to be taken as a report of any kind, there exists a “Lewd” guild and that’s okay, I’ve read another post of a guild named “Friendswithbenefits” and that’s okay too, but “Sexy” is the one that got the hammer? To put into perspective…

“SEX” is censored in the text chat, which we 100% understand and back that decision. But “Sexy” is not censored in chat, you can literally run around saying it. So 1) your system allows its usage any time any where 2) it is an empowering and healthy word. Quite literally used in all senses and situations as a compliment, as it means ATTRACTIVE. Straight up grabbed from google dictionary, “I’ve climbed most of the really sexy west coast mountains” exemplifies it can be used in more ways than the obvious, but also that it is completely positive in nature if it can be used to describe … mountains. Imagine a guild named “Raunchy” vs “Sexy”. One obviously invites a derogatory sense about it.

Some of the other names I quoted have the potential for being off-putting, but I think everyone on the globe would love to be called Sexy. If a guild cannot be named Sexy, why can a guild be named Hotties, or Brave ?

On the flip side, “Sleekcall” reads to me as “BootyCall”, which is arguably 10x worse. We are not a guild that calls out to escorts or whatever. It’s honestly actually inappropriate in comparison to our previous name. I’m not really sure though, I’ve never seen the 2 words used together and if there is any context to be derived from it, it’d be the CALLing of something SLEEK, with historical context that the guild was once named Sexy = booty call . But maybe that particular moderator that changed our name can give his case, or maybe any response at all. In any case, we’d love an explanation, or a reversal. It’s distressing that we put our trust in Amazon, but get left on hold.

Once more, stressing that I’m not reporting those other guild names (if they exist). I would love a community where any name exists as long as it’s not hateful in nature.


I guess my point is proven since none of the 10+ active CM’s have a counter argument.

Concubines is allowed to exist, Thicc exists, Naughty exists, the list goes on
Double capitals exist, spaces exist, etc.

You cannot outline a policy, but violate it yourself, Amazon.

We’re still waiting, and the silence is deafening.

Edit: Why lock the thread? It’s a discussion on your policy, so I invited discussion on if you think any policy was violated, since you’re supposed to know your own policies. If you won’t discuss what it is we did wrong, what is your role? My point is proven… AGS support is a shell company. All you did was regurgitate what I already spelt out.

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Greetings @Lighthouse

Unfortunately we are not able to help you out nor debate since your case is fully handled from a different team, just remember that if by any chance you or your friend did something that falls into the category and that breaks the [Code of Conduct ] and/ or the Naming policy (the one you shared) If that if case, you’re able to submit a web ticket here: Appeal a ban - Support | Amazon Games .

Sadly, apart from what I shared with you, we are not able to further discuss your issue.

I hope this information granted has been provided you gives a great and helpful insight.

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