Guild Name Registration seems to be broken at the moment

Not sure if anyone reported on it yet as far as I have checked forums I didnt seen anything like this reported.

Anyhow issue:

The name registered by a guild stays registered after the guild is disbanded. ( checked few days after disbanding )

How to reproduce:

  1. make a guild with desired name
  2. disband it for whatever reason
  3. optionaly wait few days
  4. try to make the guild again with the same name

at this point it would be normal behavior for being able to register this name again in guild creation but you cant as it says the guild already exists

and yes i checked via server guilds if anyone took the name but that doesn’t appear to be case.

ps. If this is investigated to be true I wonder about other name registrations like ie. characters etc

ps2 - forgot to mention - i’m playing on EU West | Moonkeep not sure if it’s revelant to EUC as i didn’t check there.