Guild Name reuse issue

So i got a name for my guild and I want to use that name for my guild’s friend, it was not even leveled it was lvl 1, i disband to use the name and after a day i can’t use the name and that name is not been used, so what is going on ?

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Regarding your question , for guilds, the names will be locked and will be released 60 days after the guild is deleted/disbanded.

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u telling me, i have to wait 2 months to get the name that already had for a guild that was lvl 1 ? sorry, but this is pretty stupid this should be a 7 days thing at max not 2 months, this is unacceptable and shouldn’t work this way at all…

btw we have no way to know if the guild name is available, besides checking the list on the server we in or trying to actually create one and like i said this should be a 7 days this at max.

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We apologize for any inconveniences generated by this feature of the guild name :tanabata_tree:

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