Guild naming restrictions and options

Did anyone else find the guild naming restrictions to be a little too restrictive and just crappy?

Literally can’t change my guild name even tho its not restricted and i can confirm it, but when i confirm the guildname change it’s still the old name is this an issue in the process?

If its on EUC it could be that this too is affected by the regional server being overpopulated

No its on NA. But you cant use spaces and you cant use . between words or letters. My guild name had to be one long word. Its just a bad system for that.

Ah so same crap limitation as char names.
I dare bet this is because of KR using symbol language and they never adapted it to the latin alphabet

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my guild name just has a capital letter but thats about it. Confirmed everything but guild stays the same Idk if any NA based servers are like this