Guild page issues


I would like to know what has changed regarding adding a discord link to our guild notice?

I was able to do this early on when the game launched and now it constantly says prohibited and will not save. I’ve searched this forum and seen others mention it but I don’t think I’ve ever seen an official acknowledgement about it. could be wrong though.

I’ve seen people mention that it might be due to an offensive word in there, it’s not. It’s also nothing to do spacing. I’ve tried new links and tried no spacing. It looks like they’ve banned

Also, there appears to be some strange character limit on guild role nicknames. For example, if I change “officer” to another name then try to change it back to “officer”, I cant, it cuts it off at “Office”

P.s - A general increase in the guild notice character limit would be nice. Thanks

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hm, i had this problem and that was because i used the “enter” key, maybe ?

Likely that text field follows the rules of the chat censor. And someone was probably trying to sell gold from a and now *.gg is censored.


@Roxx Hihi - Any official word on the discord link issue? I am still searching and have been unable to find an official reference to what was banned. It just makes it a little difficult to manage guilds. If they are actually banned and it’s not a bug, that’s totally fine, at least we’d know.