Guild penalty is stupid

Ok so I’ve made a guild first day then left it to join a friend’s, then they stopped playing so left that one and at this point my penalty was 4days befor re making or joining another … now I’m stuck in a guild with 30 people who haven’t played the game in days and a afk guild leader and when I click on leave guild I’m told I’ll incur a 8 day penalty … Are you on planet earth Devs?? 8 days penalty because other people making guilds and not doing tasks or research making you want to leave I can’t actually believe this dumb shit is a thing!! Just a 24 HR penalty always should be the max … this is one major flaw in the game that will put me off the game!!


Because the guild sizes are so small… my guild was actually 6 guilds. So when I got to move into the “main” guild, that meant I had to leave the satellite guild and wait for 24 hours before I could get in. Later on, in a drunken drama moment, my guild master decided to kick me on a whim.

Now I have an 8 day no guild situation. Becuase some drunk guy who wasn’t me made a choice. This sucks so badly. It’s going to be nearly 2 weeks before I can actually contribute fully to a guild. This is terrible game design… bad enough that I’m going to give a bad review on steam.

thats what happened with me lmao, some other guy was calling me a dumbass in another topic* and was supporting the penalty system stating it has something to do with him being an employer? i dont remember but yeah it should be just a minimum 24 hour cooldown

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just remove the CD atm. The guildmate CD should be given the flick as well.

Looking to join a guild that plays more in my timezone atm but when they have a freespot it will go before my CD is over.