Guild player cap and communities

I’d like to make a brief point and im not sure if anything is capable of being done about this but…

I think its a pretty big issue having such small guild size caps period… Especially when alts arent even part of the guild and the game is focused around having/playing multiple characters.

We’re a relatively small/ close knit community and we’ve had to make 3 guilds to try to compensate for the guild size cap. we cant even get all of our members in the same place.

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Guilds gain more member slots as it levels up - 2 per level. When you can start doing weekly quests and contributing to the guild it will level up pretty quickly, then you can start transferring characters in one by one. The maximum guild size is 100 members if 3 guilds fits all of your members then 1 guild at max level will fit them all.

you do know its about 2 guild levels a week right. so you get 4 slots in 1 week. and thats just early levels it gets long later on.

Oh I’m so glad it levels! I’m an alt-aholic, and have a guild I plan on only having my family in, but just my alts alone are taking up most of the slots. It’s good to know it gets bigger as we go. Thanks for the info!