Guild Quest - Try Fishing - Can't Complete/Bad Language

The guild quest " Try Fishing" is not worded well, and until you dig deeper it doesn’t say what you actually have to catch.

So when you say details it just says " Try Fishing"

But when you dig in, it says you need to fish Small Rough Shrimp:

Also - I cant find small rough shrimp for the life of me. Where are these found??


Am i also reading correctly that this might only be able to be accepted if you hit level 50? There’s not much online about this quest.

Found a solution on reddit… need to unlock unas task in Vern (lvl 50) and then u can open unas task down in one of that menues, and accept the guild task. Simply can start fishing then :slight_smile:


Yep just finished that task and i was able to accept.

Crazy it’s got such a high entry level i was hoping to make it easier for new people

I’m level 50, and already have Una’s Tasks but still don’t know how to complete the guild shrimp fishing quest. Are we supposed to go fishing somewhere?

You accept the quest (Alt + J, then guild requests) then fish in any fishing hole

What so as a new guild, I and my newer members have to reached level50 before we can do simple/basic level 1 guild quests?

Wow. :exploding_head: