Guild Raid Match Challenge

Firstly, I run a level 12 Guild with 50 active members.

I remember reading somewhere on update notes, that Officers and above can only challenge Guild Raid Matches. However, when I’m on my alt and no officers are currently online, someone from the Guild started the match.

The system where any member can just start the raid and enter base is a flawed design, too much power is given to normal members. As Guild Master I should be able to assign Officers and Deputy to start these events and not just anyone.

We only get 2 tries a week on this, and if the system has not changed to Officers and above already, it must be soon.

Edit: I was able to catch who started it, was a normal member, and can confirm anyone in the Guild can Enter Base. This has to be, one of the worst designs ever, why hasn’t it been fixed.

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