Guild Raid match is STILL broken

I did a guild raid match last week (solo). I killed Caspiel in about 5m10s or something like that. I instantly got 1200 bloodstones, however i couldn’t see the time after the raid. I waited 24 hours just to be sure it wasnt a delayed update to the rankings and times.

Then i contacted amazon game support, they asked me to verify from other guild member which i couldnt at the time, but later found out to be the same as my experience. They took my email and told me they would look into the matter and contact me, but i havent heard a word since (about 4 days ago).

Today the weekly reset happened, i checked last weeks ranks, shows nothing for my guild. This went from an exciting moment where i had a nice time, to another buggy experience that just feels bad.

This is the second time ive seen this since i started checking the ranks, but im pretty sure it happened before and i just thought the display was bugged.

Sorry to hear this is happening to you, adiggle8.

What server are you on and what is your character name?

Freeborn is my main character. Regulus US East.

I usually do guild raid match on my gunlancer named Artaz

Thank you. I’ll get this over to the development team ASAP.

I just got an email asking me to submit this a screenshot of this week’s rankings (even though it happened in previous weeks, and i havent even done a guild match this week). I sent last week’s empty ranking list when it bugged out, and this weeks empty ranking list since i havent done it yet, as screenshots.

The email also asked me which island this happened on. Its a guild raid match, teleported to the boss encounter straight from the guild menu. I said many times i did Caspiel, but its not like i had to go to Tortoyk. Seems out of place to ask which island, but perhaps its just me.