Guild Raid Match/Siege

So me and some guildmates are trying to do the Salt Giant guild raid today but the enter base button is grayed out. We have 12+ people signed up in a 45 man guild but I can’t seem to start it. 3 guilds have already finished it this week, what are all the requirements to start it? Can’t find information anywhere online.

Also we all showed up to the Siege match but nothing happened and the timer changed to next week. I hate getting all my guildmates together for nothing

Timers are most likely UTC

Can pretty much confirm timers are UTC had this issue the other day, was able to fight some bosses today earlier in the day

What about for the Guild raid? It says it should be entered at anytime unlike the siege

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not sure what server you are but 2359 utc is the cut off which is 759 est

same issue, cant issue challenge and zero info on why, 47 people in guild and plenty online to fill

Yeah i think that was the problem for Guid Raid. Now about to find out today if the Guild Siege times are working yet.