Guild rankings? what do they mean

Hey does anyone know what exactly each guild rank allows a member to do? I am the guildmaster. How can i see what officers are able to do? (EG: invite people, kick people etc)??? is there a website that lists what each rank does or am i able to set their permissions?

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Guild Ranks

After joining a guild, you are marked with the “newbie” rank for 3 days. During this trial period, your daily Contribution options are limited, can’t accept any guild quests and you won’t be able to participate in GvGs or GvEs.

Besides from the member rank, the leader can assign 1 deputy and several officers. By more than 10 days of inactivity of the guild leader, the deputy can claim the leader rank for himself.

Here are the permissions for the 2 ranks:

Guild Deputy

  • Accept or Reject member applications
  • Choose GvG and GvE for the Guild
  • Use guild skills in GvG and GvE
  • Assign weekly guild quest
  • Kick members


  • Accept or Reject member applications
  • Use guild skills in GvG and GvE

thank you so much!

Officer in my guild is able to start research. Not really an option I want for officer, would prefer it to be deputy. But its how it is.

If in 10 days, the guild master, guild deputy and officers is not online, looks like the most guild mate with highest contribution / online time is gonna be selected automatically as guild master.

This happens with me and my abandoned guild. The GM, GD, and O all quit playing and never online. I ended up selected automatically as GM, and currently still using this guild as my ALT guild.

do you remember how many days it took? my GM is already 11 days inactive and the role has not gone to any active member (all officer/deputy are inactive)

for me it’s exactly 10 days of playing.