Guild Recruitment Dedicated Section

We already see a decent amount of guild recruitment posts and it will only increase once the game officially launches.

Is there a chance we could get a dedicated section on the forums for guild recruitment to reduce the spam in general, as well as having a centralized location for people looking?

I know people will organize server discords for stuff like this, but couldn’t hurt for people that utilize the forums

Roxx/other mods already said this was a planned-probably thing, but for whatever reason they don’t want to set those up until after launch.

A massive spotlight is going to get shown on AGS incompetence as soon as the game goes live seeing as guilds are restricted to one word for their name (down from the two words and a space they could have in the Closed Beta). Putting up a guild recruitment section now will only hasten that spotlight being shown on their poor decision.

lol i agree, think we both said the same in a similar topic :stuck_out_tongue: Would not be surprised if that’s the reason for not having the subforums up sooner.

A guild name can only be one word? What a bizzare and random restriction

@Lent we probably did.

@Serratic yup… I’m getting my popcorn ready for the absolute shitshow and disaster that the guild name restriction is going to cause at launch and beyond if it is not fixed beforehand.

But up to 20 characters (lol!) So get ready for Fury, xfuryx, xxfuryxx, xxxxxxxfuryxxxxxxx, and Furyfuryfuryfuryfury!

  • disclaimer: I’m not part of a guild named Fury, just popped in head. Every game has a guild named Fury.


  • What is the minimum and maximum number of letters that are allowed to be used in a character’s name or guild?
  • Guild names are limited to 2 - 20 characters, character names are limited to 2 - 16 characters. Note that spaces, numbers, and multiple capital letters cannot be used in either guild or character names.
  • What are the Character, Stronghold, and Guild Naming restrictions?
  • The following are restricted: Special characters (!@#$%, etc.), capitalized letters other than the first letter of the name (e.g., McFly, WeIrDoGuY), and spaces.

Anyways… to bring this back on topic… soon is the last we heard from the CM’s. They are planning on having a dedicated section for guild recruitment but we don’t know when.

Don’t forget that the first ‘x’ must be capital :+1:


I definitely read that as furry at first. But I suppose that will likely be a guild name too lol

Furryfury? Furyforfurries? Flurryoffurryfuror? We can literally write whole phrases with 20 chars, but can’t use any capitals or punctuation that would be helpful xD


No, no, no… that won’t work. It has to be Mcflurry. We aren’t allowed the luxury of having more than one capital letter.