Guild Recruitment for Band Of The Hawk : Azena

Guild Name: Bandofthehawk
Server: NA East Azena
Playstyle: Casual/Looking to build community
Language: English

Hey guys I’m looking to recruit people to our guild bandofthehawk. To anyone who doesn’t know the name refers to the series berserk. We’re just a group of friends looking to build a community of new friends to play with, learn with and grow with as we all take on the game in our own way and come together to help each other as we access new content and as the need arises. Anyone and everyone is welcome and we’d be happy to have you join. I’ll have a discord made soon and update the post with it’s link when it’s up and running. You should be able to just search for the guild and join but if you’re having any troubles finding it feel free to message me or leave a reply and I can help out. I look forward to building new friendships and enjoying everything lost ark has to offer with you all.

Ps: My ingame name is Dragonslayerguts in case anyone gets the guild mixed up with another of similar name, also feel free to add me.