Guild recruitment: Unrivaled Conflict Aldebaran Na East

Guild Name: Unrivaled Conflict
Server: NA East (Aldebaran)
Language: English

We are recruiting new and experienced players to fill our guild roster. We focus mostly on pve and getting geared to do end game content. If you are a new player we can help you earn your gear and help you progress though the game. If you are an experienced player we invite you to share your knowledge and help us progress. We are a group of friends that have played games together for 10 years looking for more people to make a community with us.

As a member of this guild you are expected to help with research as well as weekly quests and donate silver. You are also required to be active to stay in the guild. Be in discord to help with groups as well as be a part of our community.

To join our guild just join discord and join channel. Unrivaled Dominion

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