Guild Recruitmet for Roster

Would be good if you can join a Guild with your account/roster rather than a single character. The problem is it has created a large number of dead Guilds. I play on EU Central Calvasus. A large number of the population are French speaking players. I run a semi casual English speaking Guild and struggling to find any new players. Most people join (alts) log in do daily and log off. There are a handful of the so called hardcore Guilds on my server, but other than that it’s either FR Guilds or smaller Guilds like us but just filled with alts. Also, with hardly any new players that join this game I don’t know how medium sized or smaller Guilds can cope in the long run.

If anyone has any suggestions it would be much appreciated, Ty

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I’ve shared this feedback with the team. Thanks!


+1 for this idea. Account based guilds would be a nice QOL improvement. Some players do already have multiple guilds though so maybe in addition to that a system that allows you to join multiple guilds similar to what they have in Guildwars 2.

Overall the guild system could use a lot of work. Penalties for leaving/being kicked should also either be drastically reduced or removed entirely.

If they did this, it would make this issue even worse, so I don’t think it’s a good idea unless done in conjunction with what @Bluecogs said.

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