Guild renaming issue?

I’m trying to rename my guild on Regulus after buying a name change, but it’s not allowing me to put multiple capital letters OR spaces in said name. Looking at random passing guild names, it’s possible, and in the guild search page it has some with spaces as well. So, how can I get it done? The name is available to be taken, so that’s not the problem.

Accidentally had this under feedback, and it’s far more of a support question!

Hello @novuh

Thank you for sharing this issue on the forums It is always a pleasure to help! I apologize about this unexpected situation I understand that some other players had this issue also and the best way to help at this moment is to raise a ticket by the live support in order to take the necessary actions.

I’ll keep track of this issue in case we can find some troubleshooting or quick fix for this situations. As soon as I find more information i will be back to this post.

Keep gaming hero!

Reference number for the ticket is V587818450.