Guild Skills bug

Recently our guild is experiencing a serious problem in the skills tab, on Sunday our skills just disappeared at the time of GVG and this has caused a lot of problem for us. is anyone else having this problem? Our guild should have at least 6 skills on this screen, and it’s only showing two or three, i already submitted a ticket to support but they sent me only an automated message. Can any CM/GM help me with it?


Welcome to the Lost Ark forum community, maroni2530.

What is your server name and character name?

I have a similar problem: i’m the gm of a guild and we don’t have attack or defense skills on pvp skills list selection no more.

Name: Domiziano
Server: Neria - EUC

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Thank you for letting me know you’re having this problem as well!

Name: Magehealer
Server: Arcturus - SA
Guild: Rohendel

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Thank you! I’ll get this over to the devs.

@Centeotl Battlefield Sword disappeared from the PVP skills tab 2 weeks ago and we can no longer select it. This is a massive disadvantage for GVG PVP and we will have to abandon a level 20 guild if you cannot fix it.

Server: MoonKeep.
Region: EU West
Guild Name: Omni

Request: Please restore the Battlefield Sword skill in our PVP skills tab and try not to break anything else in the process.


Welcome to the Lost Ark forum community and thank you. I’ve sent this over to the development team as well so they can look into this further.

Any idea on ETA for a fix? It’s been 2 weeks of this already. GVG is this Sunday night so if the skill isn’t back we will have to change guilds. If that’s the case, hopefully you can make the new guild we move to Level 20 with the same level guild skills.

Giving us a Korean balance patch aimed at 60k attack power players when we are 30k has rendered the majority of classes except Shadowhunter useless as defense far outweighs attack. Now we must fight enemies who can use sword while we cannot. 78% attack power in a zero damage meta is costing us S Rank islands and a lot of gold for all players involved.

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Unfortunately I have no further information to provide regarding this issue at this time.

No live support anymore. Cant get support via tickets. Hoping the forums can pull through otherwise it’s starting to feel like this game is abandoned. Not asking for much - just for the game to function as intended for all players equally.

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Sword and wind skills magically reappeared in our PVP skills tab after doing Maneth so thanks a lot if that was your doing @Centeotl Hopefully everyone else’s skills magically reappear too.

Oh nevermind now Battlefield Wind and Battlefield Miracle have disappeared. POS Frankenstein patch indie game.

We still don’t have sword and wind skills…

Hello… I think I found the source of the issue.

So my Battlefield Sword skill WAS NOT SHOWING IN PvP skill - so I had to unequip it off of Raid Match Skill, load up a low level D raid match (just a test one) , make sure Sword is removed, and then you abandon → leave and it is available for use in PvP Skill as an option.

here’s the solution I think, Centeotl

Interesting, thanks a bunch for pointing this out!

don’t works for me, still no wind or sword in pvp skills

It didn’t work for me, I still don’t have the skills

this worked for me, I was able to get it to both slots.

Logged off to take a dummy char, asked officer to unassign, logged in on the GM and was able to assign to both