Guild system needs fixed now


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La penalizacion esta bien, el problema es que se menten en gremios aleatorios, en vez de buscar gente activa.

english please

No the fucking problem is the 7 day penalty , THE ONLAY WAY TO GET INTO A GUILD IS SEARCH FOR ONE AND JOIN IT AND FIND OUT. the system is retarded for sure. and im NOT the only one who says that Many streamers do. check your twitter.

explain how to search for guild members and find out how active a guild is in game please? otherwise remove the penalty bc it makes no sense

Hablando por el general con la gente, en el mejor de los casos tenes 50 % de gremios inactivos, si vas al buscador de gremios, vas a caer en un gremio inactivo el 50% de las veces.
Como te tomaste el tiempo de entrar al foro a quejarte, podes entrar al apartado de reclutamiento del foro y ahi tenes muchos gremios que buscan gente y son activos.

Noice. This will be serve as evidence against you in court for defaming and slandering AGS in public.

look for a guild advertising in one of the area chats is all you can really do , randomly joining one off the guild search list is a silly idea as its a gamble, only other thing you could do is make an alt and randomly join / leave on that till you find one thats active

cool ill do that in 7 days when im able LMFAO stuipd rule, im just wonjdering WHAT it really is in place for? like what it prevents? since this is the only game really ive eveer played with a penalty … SO what happens when the guild invites someone and they turn out ot be a douche bag, and you leave due to THEM being terrible person. im punished again. lol it is just a dumb rule that does more bad than good

say you use chat yo find someone posting in it, then you join, 2 weeks later again you get into it with someone who is just a POS person lol so you want to leave that toxicity , WAIT i get a penalty. thats what im saying it needs removed

only real thing i could think of is the fact its to stop trolls from joining and spamming guilds , getting booted then repeating elsewhere.

there really shouldnt be a penatly unless you get removed from a guild by an officer / guild master

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freedom of speech

I also don’t understand the reason for the penalty. Is there some advantage to jumping from guild to guild that I’m missing? I feel most people will not leave if they find a guild they like.

I have also already changed guilds twice and am now in a guild where only two other people are in T3. Leaving a guild you have been in for a while seems like enough of a hassle. Why add a penalty on top of that? I don’t understand to logic.

no they said its to prevent ppl from joining and spamming, which hasnt happened in any other NA game so, also after 30-60 days alot of ppl quit games and were left again with a penalty for leaving due to other peoples choices effecting us

Sure, I bet you also one of those people who believe the fools that assaulted and “captured” the Congress of The United States of America are innocent too

Dejen de pasear por los gremios, se unen, no hacen nada, los expulsan y se quejan. O se unen a ciegas a gremios de 29 jugadores con inscripcion abierta que claramente son recolectores de donacion y nada mas, tenes el canal de gremios, tenes discord de lost ark que ofrecen gremios activos y serios, vos aca quejandote que te penalizan por pasear de gremio en gremio.
Gracias por la penalizacion !!!